Leddow Archive in Motion

The Alex Zane interview,

Young Joey.

1994 ‘Roadkillers’ and 1996 ‘3rd Rock from the sun.’

Vanity Fair interview

Presenter: “Who would you turn gay for?”

Joel: “It’s a bit awkward time to… come out,isn’t it?”

Presenter: “Why?”

Joel: “Well, Nash and I are actually brothers…”

… and Joel doesn’t even bat an eyelash. He and Nash know each other too well ;)

Intro ‘The Take’

Tom as Freddie in ‘The Take’, 2009

Two mates relieved to get back to headquarters alive.

Tom as Twombly in ‘Black Hawk Down’, 2001

Willem showing off his acrobatic skills.

Tom displaying his secretive smile with beautiful grey eyes.

Tom Hardy as Straw in ‘The Reckoning’, 2003

Tom Hardy as Stuart Clive Shorter in ‘Stuart - A life backwards’, 2007.

Lovely intense work from both Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Various movies and series:

As Jack Donnelly in ‘Cape Wrath,’ 2007

As Andrew in ‘Gideon’s Daughter’, 2005

As Bill Sikes in ‘Oliver Twist’, 2007

After Sweeney Todd drags poor Matthew Pain into the street to be found, he’s supposed to look very dead… but the film editor overlooked cutting before Tom opens his eyes…
Otherwise, Sweeney saved Tom’s character early in the movie removing a bullet from his shoulder.

Tom as Matthew Pain in ‘Sweeney Todd’, 2006

…And they used to be such pals…

Mads as Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

"How’s that anger management working for you, Loki?"


Loki exercising in front of the ‘blue’ screen.

(In reality, Tom ran faster but then he’d be out of the picture before you can say, “Wasn’t that Lo…?” )

Tom as Action-Loki in ‘Behind the scene’ of Thor 2.

Adam swaying with his wife Eve.

yeah, all right… and Tom’s never been hotter :D