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"Whoa… It BURNS you to have come so close!”

Loki being a devasting turn on… only Fury didn’t get the memo.

Tom as Loki in ‘Avengers’, 2012

Heavy petting the Asgardian way.

Loki and Thor have a little ‘I missed you, but I’m too proud to admit it’ moment.

Tom and Chris in ‘Avengers’, 2012.

Captain America: “What’s the matter? Scared of a little lightning?”

Loki: “I’m not overly fond of what follows…”

Tom as Magnus Martinsson in “Wallander”, 2008-2010

Hot buns, Tom. Hot buns!

Tom as Bill Hazeldine in “Suburban Shootout”, 2006, and as Oakley in “Unrelated”, 2007

Bill tries to be there for his wife during a crisis of their own.

Ewan as Bill Fordham in ‘August: Osage County’, 2013.

Lovely Tom as Chris Vaughan in ‘Casualty’, 2007

… (smiles silly)

Chris as The Huntsman, 2012

Majesty Rose.

Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal in ‘Hollow Crown’, 2012

Beauuuuutiful collarbones :)

Thor and Loki in ‘Avengers’, 2012

HC: “I’ve never seen Keith Urban naked…” (and he really wants to.)

RS: “I’ve never seen Keith naked either…” (but does he really want to?) *s*

Majesty Rose? You’re awesome.

Blessed with such talent, I really wish you the best :D

Happy birthday !!!!

Majesty Rose performing  ‘Tight Rope’, Feb 26th 2014

Kenneth pulling on an emotion in a split of a second.

Brilliant acting. I wish I could have been in London at the time.

Kenneth as ‘Macbeth’, 2013

Behind the callous and revolting exterior, Cavendish is able to be vulnerable when threatened.

Beautifully portrayed by Bill and his silver blue eyes.

Love that swagger!